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The blue Lake at Blue Lagoon, El Dudu , Cabrera, Dominican Republic

In the north of the Dominican Republic , between San Juan and Nagua River , lies the town of Cabrera , near the beautiful lagoon El Dudu , which makes little advertising. This park has 2 bathrooms , a large bathroom bears the name Dudu The Blue Lagoon and the other , slightly smaller , but no less attractive . Furthermore, there is a Taino cave of a length approximately 30 meters has , plus some landscaped gardens and facilities . In the big lake there are several ways to jump into the lagoon. Ropes were ( pendulum - type ) installed for people of all ages . It is a for kids, where the case is about 50 cm. but also for the more adventurous , there is a decline of about 6 to 8 feet . Ideal for those who enjoy the thrill . And something very interesting in the end , the price . It is very accessible for all audiences , since only costs RD pesos $ 50.
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