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Yes! NIKO Yes! Restaurant, Berlin, Germany

In 2000 Berlin became poorer by one attraction. Then the bustling Kudamm Greek Niko disappeared home to Hellas and left his famous restaurant "Oh! Niko Ach! "His staff. But now it seems that the crisis drove him back to Berlin. Niko is back. Not as curly as then, but quite the man. And so he opened a new favorite Greek on Budapester Strasse opposite the Hotel Interconti. The kitchen is completely Niko. Terrific monster-garlic attacks at the Tsatsiki, gyros crispy crunchy gyros, Bifteki, from which whole families can become full. And calamari, which just do not tumble out of the convenience food bag. On request, low-carb friends also get salad instead of potatoes. Priced everything in the frame, between 3.50 euros for the portion Taramas-fries mousse up to the 2-man grill plate (about 20 euros). And because you can barely stir after these pleasures, the ouzo comes to the house just right. Nice that he is back, the Niko! Budapester Str. 13, Tiergarten, Tel. 856 21 776
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