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Wolkenhain, Berlin, Germany

Like a cloud over the treetops of the Kienberg, the new lookout tower 'Wolkenhain' is enthroned. The white cloud is not only visible from afar, but with its impressive views it is one of the highlights of the area around the gardens of the world. It is also an impressive testimony to engineering. The spectacular construction consists of approximately 170 steel nodes that hold together the bracing of the cloud. The cloud, made of a translucent membrane, rests on slender steel columns that are irregular, like the trunks in a tree grove. At night, the cloud lights up from the inside. The "cloud grove" allows for a total of approx. 120 meters above sea level not only a comprehensive view of the gardens of the world and the district Marzahn-Hellersdorf. From here you can look up to the TV tower in Berlin's city center and on the other side far into Brandenburg. The ascent into the cloud is possible via stairs and barrier-free with an elevator. Cloud seven. Feasting with panoramic views over Berlin Like a cloud, the cloud grove seems to float above the Kienberg. After the climb, Café 'Wolke Sieben' is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. The integrated panoramic restaurant at the foot of the Wolkenhain offers a breathtaking view over the skyline of Berlin. So far up and yet down to earth, changing daily specials, traditional specialties, homemade cakes, sandwiches and light snacks are served. A cable car for Berlin A real cable car runs in Berlin over the grounds of the Gardens of the World. Visitors to the gardens can experience everything from a bird's eye view. The barrier-free cabins climb up the entrance at the subway station 'Kienbergpark - Gardens of the World' and drive up to the 102 meter high summit of the Kienberg to the Wolkenhain. After a stopover, the cable car goes back down to the main entrance on Blumberger dam.
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