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St. Bonifatius, Emmendingen, Black Forest, Germany,

The Catholic life in Emmendingen existed already in the 12th century, a church is mentioned for the first time 1236.

In the course of the Reformation, Emmendingen became Protestant. As a result of the Emmendinger religious discussion of 1590 Markgraf Jacob III. From Baden to the Catholic faith. Shortly thereafter, he was poisoned and thereby also extinguished Catholic life in Emmendingen for centuries. The Catholic Cistercian monks from Tennenbach were only allowed to accompany individuals pastorally.

It was only in 1863 that the Catholic parishion of St. Boniface could be founded in Emmendingen. It belonged at that time to 688 Catholics, and was, with the exception of Heimbach and Nimburg, nearly identical with the territory of today's Roman Catholic church community of Emmendingen-Teningen.
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