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Protestant monastery church, Bad Herrenalb, Black Forest, Germany

The Evang. The church community of Bad Herrenalb is part of the Kirchenbezirk Neuenbürg of the Evangelical Landeskirche in Württemberg.

The cloister of the monastery to which it belonged was a monastery founded in 1148 by Cistercians - Alba Dominorum.
Cistercian monasteries provided themselves with what they needed. In order to make this experience possible, citizens create a garden with herbs and medicinal plants such as lavender, thyme, arnica, sage and poppy seed on the surface of the former auditorium. In the smaller flower garden, flowering ornamental plants like trellises, roses and daffodils bloom. A ladle was placed in the middle of the garden for the purpose of watering the plants. As a reminder of the former monastery complex, sandstones and hedges indicate the former walls of the main hall and the auditorium.
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