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Ruine Hochburg, Sexau, Black Forest, Germany,

The ruins of the Hochburg near Emmendingen, one of the largest castle and fortifications in Baden. As the "Hachberg" castle, it was mentioned for the first time in the 12th century; As founders and first owners the gentlemen of Hachberg are in question. Since the 13th century the Margraves of Baden with the side line of the Hachberger owners and users of the facility were. The great time of the castle began in the 17th century, when Markgraf Georg Friedrich of Baden extended it to the fortress. In the Thirty Years' War, however, it was thoroughly destroyed in 1636. It is true that Markgraf Friedrich VI. Of Baden 1660 reconstruction, but the Palatinate Succession War led to the final destruction in 1689. Afterwards, the Hochburg ruin remained and served only as a source of romantic impressions and legendary stories. The expansion of today's complex as well as its still existing buildings with revealing building details impressively testify to the importance of the fortress in the 17th century.
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