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Mirror labyrinth, Berlin, Germany

A labyrinth for edification, relaxation, fiddling, or playful activity is a confusing array of lines, aisles, or paths that must be traced in various ways to reach a predetermined end. The paths are within high hedges or within a field of tall plants, it is rather a maze, which is mostly artificial. The difference between a labyrinth and a maze is that in a labyrinth, there is exactly one path from beginning to end, while a maze, as the name implies, serves to get lost. This is about a special form of the labyrinth - the mirror labyrinth! A special arrangement of many mirrors shows passages that do not exist at all - one assumes a passage where there is none, and it is difficult to find the exit from this mirror labyrinth. A great experience awaits the Berlin and the Berlin visitors at Checkpoint Charlie, in the middle of the capital: the mirror labyrinth Berlin! Constructed to get lost within the mirrors, which simulate infinitely long corridors through the clever arrangement, which then suddenly end up without getting ahead, you have a lot of fun walking through the mirrored corridors! Alone, with the family, with friends or with the club mates - in the Berlin maze of Berlin, a little adventure awaits you in the middle of the German capital! The mirror labyrinth Berlin is easily accessible by subway (U6) and bus (M29) - stop Kochstraße.
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