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White fir experience path, Schömberg, Germany

Do you know the difference between a spruce and a fir tree? Have you ever determined the age of a fir in your size? Do you know how big firs can become? Why are firs so stable and defy almost every storm? Have you ever listened to a Wipfelphone? The white fir trail is interactive and therefore not a classic nature trail. Not only the adults but also the children get their money's worth. With a total length of about 4 kilometers and a total of 12 stations, the path is suitable for families. Start and finish are behind the Schömberger Kurhaus, where already a miniature golf course and the generation-active park not only inspire the youth. So: go on the white fir trail to Schömberg! With a silver fir percentage of 51% in the Schömberger Wald, the silver fir is one of the forest-forming main tree species on the Enz-Nagold-Platte. You meet her in a sense at every turn.
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