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Chamberhöhle, Rheinfelden, 360 Black Forest, Germany

This panorama was recorded in the Chamberhöhle. Of the numerous geological features that characterize the Dinkelberg between the Hochrheintal in the south and the Wiesental in the north, the Tschamberhöhle belongs to the Karsten district of Riedmatt undoubtedly the most significant. The Erosion cave, which is located directly at the Hochrhein, close to the former German settlement, is one of three showcases in the Muschelkalk in Germany. The visitor will have a direct view into the interior of a Karst mountain range. In millennia alone, the power of the water caused by erosion and corrosion has so far been about a length of about

1600 meters explored caves, of which 600 meters are opened to the visitors. Anyone who enters the cave is an interesting journey through several million years of earth history.
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