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Castle Bellevue, Berlin, Germany

Schloss Bellevue is the first official residence of the Federal President since 1994. Not far from the German Bundestag and the Federal Chancellery, the castle stands on the edge of the Tiergarten. It is surrounded by a large park bordering the banks of the Spree. In the immediate vicinity is the Victory Column. Even the first Federal President Theodor Heuss has as a sign of the political goal of reunification with Schloss Bellevue moved to a seat on the Spree. The castle with one main and two side wings became the end of the 18th. Century designed in a transitional style between Baroque and Classicism. The sandstone figures on the portal gable representing hunting, farming and fish farming are reminiscent of the once rural environment of the castle. The castle owes its name "Bellevue" to the view of the surrounding parkland. The landscape architects have designed the park of the castle in a fan-like manner with viewpoints - so-called "points de vue" - to Charlottenburg, into the landscape to the southwest and over the Spree.
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