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Imagocamera, Berlin, Germany

'In times of unrestrained duplication, the expression looks like a provocation: a unique ' - this is how the Süddeutsche Zeitung described what others simply call the resuscitation of photography: the IMAGOgram. Every step of its creation is art - starting with the IMAGO Camera. This surprises the viewer with a reflection of himself - true to the side! And so the IMAGOgram consistently concocts what has made the era of pixel photography a convention: Instead of miniaturization, it offers a life-size format (62 x 200 cm). Instead of color noise, uncompromising black and white. The ultimate analogue process of IMAGOGraphy celebrates the magic of the moment. The 'self-trigger' also defined itself. No manipulation or repetition. No game with the variables of digital editing. The decisive alternative to the flood of images from mobile phones & Co.
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