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New panoramic 360 tours are being added every day by our partners from all over the world. We work in co-operation with many tourism boards and organizations.
A few examples are: Black Forest Tourism Board, Zell am See-Kaprun Tourism Board, Uttendorf Tourism, Insel Radio Mallorca and many more.

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Spreebogenpark, Berlin, Germany
According to the plans of the Swiss office Weber and Sauer, the Spreebogenpark was created on the basis of a landscaping competition. The six-acre green area is a classically designed park with a contemporary shape and thematizes the combination of history and future in terms of design and urban planning. The spatial distribution of the Spreebogen Park is achieved by means of distinctive borders, precisely formulated edges and clear path relationships. The wide lawns and landscaped gardens provide space for recreation, as well as sporting and cultural activities. On the area, small groups of trees with indigenous trees such as beech and oak trees, as well as exotic species such as sunflowers and amber trees, accentuate the special spatial situation of the crossroads and divide the park into different zones. A pavilion in the eastern part also offers a place for open-air events. The entire level of the large lawn is five meters above the waterfront at the historic city level. As a result, the effect of the landscaping exaggeration by the attached, inclined planes and the incision by the Landschaftsfester be reinforced. Modern retaining wall constructions made of reinforced concrete with a smooth and non-porous surface complete the reconstructed shoreline and are at the same time the supporting structure of the ascending panorama path. Integrated into this retaining wall are stairs and ramps that lead to the level of the city level and form the connection to the Panoramaweg. In addition to the new topographical feature of the sloping grassy plains and the landscape window, the sand-colored paths on the waterfront are a special feature of the Spreebogenpark. Two theme gardens connect the waterfront with the park on the city level. The Hochstaudenwiese the eastern, to the Spree open garden trace with grasses, stork beak, Wildastern, bellflowers and many other perennials symbolizes the time of the Berlin wall, when wild shrubs settled and grew free at this point. In the western part along the waterfront, the bank cover wall is open. The precisely cut element pushes on the Spree as a sculpture and visualizes the intrusion of the new. At this point, the Panoramaweg spans the cut-out area on the waterfront and at the same time provides protection against rain and provides shade. The panorama trail runs above the waterfront promenade along the inner Spreebogen, partly in the form of a balcony over the Uferdeckwand. It offers on the way best views over the Spree on the opposite Spree, the Berlin Central Station, the Humboldthafen and the waterfront promenade from the Kapellufer to Schifferbauer dam with the Paul-Löbe-Haus. The final form of the Spreebogenpark could not be fully realized due to planning constraints. The provisional road management in the government district must first be resolved with long-term planning.
Red Town Hall, Berlin, Germany
The Senate of Berlin and the Council of Mayors meet in the Red City Hall. Here employees of the Senate Chancellery support the Governing Mayor in his work. The official receptions for state guests take place in the representation rooms. In the citizen consultation Berliner can find advice and help. The house has 247 rooms. The town hall building in the city center with its 94 meters (including flagpole) towering tower was already in imperial times as the symbol of self-confidence of the citizens of Berlin. With its red brick façade, hence commonly called "Red Town Hall", it represents a stark contrast to the other representative buildings in the city center. The city hall clock was built in the middle of the 19th Century manufactured by Mannheimer tower clock manufacturer Johann Mannhardt. The dials have a diameter of 4.75 meters. The chime will sound from 6:00 to 22:00 every 15 minutes with tone C and at the full hour in tone D.

Paul Lobe House, Berlin, Germany
The Paul-Löbe-Haus, which opened in 2001, is a parliament building designed by the Munich architect Stephan Braunfels in the Berlin government district. Together with the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus and the Federal Chancellery, the building named after the President of the Reichstag, Paul Löbe, forms the "Band des Bundes". This volume is intended to symbolize the symbolic bridging of the once separate halves of the city. Architecture of the Paul-Löbe-Haus Another architectural eye-catcher is the unity of the Paul-Löbe-Haus and the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus on the other bank of the Spree. This unit is created on the one hand by the matching roof edges of the buildings but also by the bridge that connects the two. Under the monumental canopy of the Paul-Löbe-Haus is the entrance, which leads the visitor directly into a glass hall, which extends through the whole building. This hall is bounded on the left and right by two eight-storey building blocks.
FMS Spree Princess, Berlin, Germany
A beautiful salon ship - ideal for your Berlin tour Ideal for any event with up to 95 indoor seats without buffet and approx. 50-60 indoor courts with buffet. In the passenger lounge, up to 16 tables and 95 chairs are available for individual room design. It is possible to arrange a table or a conference for special events on board. Approved is this passenger ship for a total of max. 250 people.

Spree Perle, Berlin, Germany
A pretty salon ship - perfect for your Berlin cruise. Ideal for any event with up to 60 indoor seats without buffet and approx. 30 indoor seats with buffet. In the passenger lounge, a total of up to 12 tables and 60 chairs are available for individual room design. It is possible to arrange a table or a conference for special events on board. Approved is this passenger ship for a total of max. 180 people.
ALEX Berlin, Sony Center, Berlin, Germany
ALEX is all in one: café, pub, bar, bistro restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner - always. Since 2004 Mitchells Butlers Germany GmbH (Wiesbaden) has catapulted itself to the forefront in the German leisure gastronomy sector with its 45 German ALEX companies with this innovative and all-round appealing, trend-setting, all-day catering concept. Relaxation and a good mood are very important at ALEX. Indulgence and holidays from everyday life are offered by the "ALEXians" to their guests from early morning until late at night. At ALEX you can relax, meet, get to know each other, talk, discover and enjoy. With the knowledge of a good atmosphere, the right culinary offer and a harmonious ambience, ALEX serves its guests next to drinks ; food one thing above all else: communication and a lot of emotions.

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