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New panoramic 360 tours are being added every day by our partners from all over the world. We work in co-operation with many tourism boards and organizations.
A few examples are: Black Forest Tourism Board, Zell am See-Kaprun Tourism Board, Uttendorf Tourism, Insel Radio Mallorca and many more.

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Christ Church Firlstraße 16, Berlin, Germany
We are a small community in Pfarrsprengel Berlin - Oberspree - West. The church was extensively renovated in 2003 - 2004 and rebuilt into a community and district center. Our goal was, on the one hand, to release the parish house in the Firlstraße for other uses and to win the church as a community center. The existing adjoining rooms offered themselves for it. On the other hand, we wanted to open our church to the neighborhood, to organize culture and to invite people to take advantage of and share in our spaces, especially the church space. We value the term district center. Our church is a recognized, architecturally and acoustically interesting building, centrally located in the district. Many people have made important, life-shaping experiences in this house. Those who are foreign in a church should be able to get to know the special language and atmosphere of this room.
Babelplatz, Berlin, Germany
In the middle of the museum center of Berlin, the Bebelplatz gives an idea of ​​how one imagined a beautiful city almost 300 years ago. The Nazis desecrated the place with the burning of books, reminiscent of a memorial today. Bebelplatz is the only square in the city center whose facades look like before 1943. However, behind the rebuilt fronts is usually a modern construction. The former Opera Square is also known as Forum Fridericianum. Frederick the Great, whose equestrian statue again found its place on the central strip Unter den Linden, 1740 order to plant the square. Burning books on the Bebelplatz On the Bebelplatz the National Socialists left on 10. May 1933 over 20,000 book burning. They believed that the volumes they selected were "non-German". These included books by Erich Kästner, the Mann family, by Magnus Hirschfeld, Lion Feuchtwanger, Karl Marx, Else Lasker-Schüler and almost 400 other authors. Heinrich Heine's books were also burned. If you had read them instead, you would have come across Heine's remark that people would burn people there as well, if they burned books. Memorial "library" reminiscent of book burning The sentence is now on billboards in the ground, leading to the eight-meter-deep memorial "library" in the middle of the square. This subterranean memorial of empty shelves is designed to hold exactly 20,000 books if it still existed. At the same time it reminds for sad reason of a burial chamber carved in rock, because the Heine quote was unfortunately prophetic. The monument, visible through a glass plate, indicates that the story is hidden under the pavement and behind the walls and opens up to those who want to discover it and look there.

Behrensbau, Berlin, Germany
A monument of German industrial culture becomes 100 years old: The Peter Behrens Building in Schöneweide. On 1.10.1917 the production started in the then state-of-the-art automobile factory of AEG. Under the label 'National Automobile Company' (NAG) luxury limousines for the nobility, trucks and electric cars were produced. The grand construction of the world-famous architect and first industrial designer - Professor Peter Behrens - becomes a highlight. A 3D video show enchants the building and makes its story come alive in a new way. Together with the illuminated buildings of the neighborhood, the former industrial district shines. Shadow plays in the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, flashing lightning on the Rathenau Villa, luminous cranes make Schöneweide a worthwhile destination. From 1.10. until 15.10.2017, Schöneweide presents itself between 19.00 and 23.00 every evening in the best light.
Castillo de San Juan, Tenerife, Spain
The southern flank of the city was guarded and defended for centuries by the Castle of San Juan Bautista. Its construction dates back to the year 1644, in the place known at the time as La Caleta de Negros. More than three and a half centuries later, the 'Black Castle' - as it is popularly known - is one of the few fortifications that are converted into Santa Cruz and, therefore, a must-visit tour.

Santa Cruz Auditorium Up, Tenerife, Spain
An architectural and cultural landmark. Officially named after then Canarian president Adán Martín, this 2003 concert hall designed by renowned Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava is the home of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra. And true to form, Calatrava's dramatic futuristic design took the Canaries by storm, with its interplay of enormous swooping white geometric forms 50 metres (164 feet) high. The intention was to create a building with a unique sense of dynamism, and its suggestion of a wave crashing on a shore certainly does that in spades - also giving it a highly distinctive silhouette that can be seen from the entire area. The performance schedule isn't limited to symphonic music, but as one of the island's premier performance venues hosts a wide variety of shows.
Santa Cruz Auditorium Stairs, Tenerife, Spain
The auditorium Auditorio Tenerife Adán Martin shows taste and extravagance, for sure. By the way there are several Tenerife auditoriums. They are all part of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is also the name of the island, the capital as well as of the province which includes other islands. However, only one Auditorio is by Calatrava.

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